Fitness Is Better With Friends!

Introducing FLX Fitclub Referral Rewards 

You’ve discovered the secret… it’s so much easier to stick to a workout routine, and remain challenged and motivated when you work out with other people. But did you know your best sources of motivation and support are often your own family and friends? We’re making it easier than ever to share the FLX Fitclub secret with the people you already know. (And we’ll even sweeten the deal by rewarding you when they join!)

Your friends and family can now try FLX Fitclub for FREE! To get a free First Timer FLX Pass (our 3-class intro package, normally $15), have them use the discount code FRIENDS in the online checkout. Or, just bring them to the club and we’ll sign them up.

And even better, when your referral signs up for a monthly membership or class pass package, you get rewarded! We’ll put a credit on your FLX Fitclub account that you can use towards your next purchase. See the Referral FAQ for details, and the Terms and Conditions for all the fine print.

Thanks for helping our FLX Fitclub family grow & thrive!

Referral Program FAQ

Q: How do I tell my friends and family about the referral program?
A: We have cards you can hand out, or simply tell your friends to make sure they mention your name when they come in for their first class. If you’d like some promotional postcards, please ask at the front desk!
Q: How does my friend get a free 3-class pass?
A: Tell your friend to enter the discount code FRIENDS at checkout to get the First Timer FLX Pass for free when they buy the pass online. Or just bring them to FLX with you and we’ll set them up at the front desk.
Q: How do you know that I referred someone?
A: Your referrals should give us your name (we will ask!) when they check in for a class during their trial period.
Q: What if two people told me about FLX Fitclub? Do both people get a reward?
A: We can only give one reward per referral. You will have to choose which person gets credit for the referral.
Q: What are the rewards?
A: The reward will appear as a credit on your FLX Fitclub account, and can be used towards any future purchase (membership dues, class pass purchases, merchandise, etc). Rewards vary based on which package the referral purchases:

  • Monthly membership: $25
  • 20-class pass: $20
  • 10-class pass: $10
  • 5-class pass: $5
Q: My friend signed up for a membership. When do I get my reward?
A: For a membership referral, your friend must be a member for at least 2 months. You will receive your reward within 5 business days after your friend pays for their 2nd month.
Q: My friend purchased a class pass package. When do I get my reward?
A: For class pass package rewards, you will receive your reward within 5 business days of your friend’s purchase.
Q: My friend bought a membership in September 2019. Can I still get a reward?
A: We really appreciate you bringing your friend to FLX, but we can only give credits for referrals who join after we launched this program (November 27, 2019).
Q: My friend already tried some classes at FLX but didn’t join. Can they get 3 more classes for free and try again?
A: Sorry, but the 3-class introductory offer is limited to one per person. However, if your friend joins now, you can still get a reward!
Q: My friend already tried some classes at FLX but didn’t join. Can I still get a reward if they join now?
A: Yes! Now is a good time to remind them of what a great time you could have working out together. 🙂 Just make sure they give us your name within a week of joining.
Q: My friend is visiting from out of town. Can they get 3 free classes?
A: Sorry, but the offer for free classes with this referral program is limited to people who live locally (within a 50-mile radius of Ithaca). We are hoping to create a guest pass program for our members soon, which would allow you to bring out of town guests more easily.

Terms & Conditions (the fine print):

  • The FLX Fitclub Referral Rewards program begins November 27, 2019 (program start date) and may be terminated or modified at any time.
  • The referral must give us the name of the person who referred them within 1 week of purchase. If they were referred by multiple people, they must choose one person to receive the reward.
  • The free First Timer FLX Pass offer is available only to local residents (living within a 50 mile radius of Ithaca) who have not previously taken a class at FLX Fitclub, and may only be redeemed once per person. People who redeem this offer for a free First Timer FLX Pass are not eligible for the $15 credit that is normally part of that introductory offer.
  • Limit of one reward per referral. For example, if your referral bought a 10-class pass and then later decided to switch to a monthly membership, you would only get the reward associated with the 10-class pass.
  • Please allow 5 business days after a class pass is purchased for the reward to be credited to your account.
  • For monthly membership rewards, the referral must be a member for a minimum of 2 months. The reward will be credited to your account within 5 business days after the referral pays the membership dues for their 2nd month. If the referral’s membership is canceled or remains unpaid after one month, the referral offer is void.
  • We are truly grateful for your past referrals, but we can only give rewards for referrals who join on or after the program start date.